Iceland cargo service now incorporates Glasgow Airport.

Connaught global operate weekly airfreight cargo services to Iceland. Receiving cargo depots at Manchester, London Heathrow and Glasgow airport. Connaught Global are fast becoming the go to freight forwarder by air to Iceland from the UK.

Iceland cargo on B757 service

Icelandair’s fleet of B757’s give us the flexibility we need to operate our consolidation services.

Iceland cargo exports from the UK

Trade between the UK and Iceland is substantial thanks to our close proximity. Iceland has the smallest population in the Nordic and Baltic region but per capita the income is high. Iceland has an educated and technologically advanced society which looks for high quality products and services.

A sophisticated and established trading relationship with the UK makes exporting to Iceland a painless process. A simple EUR1 declaration on your invoice or from the Chamber of Commerce means exports do not attract duty.

  • Food & beverages
  • Industrial supplies
  • fuel & lubricants
  • capital goods
  • transport equipment
  • consumer goods

All are moved to Iceland on a continual basis all year round. Iceland imports are less seasonal than other markets. Connaught Global handle dangerous goods to Iceland although most Fuel exports move on our short-sea services.

Benefits for British businesses exporting to Iceland

  • UK is the closest neighbouring country with good logistical connections
  • English is widely used as the business language
  • Familiarity with British goods as the UK is the preferred shopping place
  • Little manufacturing of consumer goods in Iceland
  • Compact market as high concentration of consumers in Reykjavik
  • High purchasing power due to high per capita income
  • Quality minded consumers

If your goods are successfully sold in the UK there is a good chance you will be successful in Iceland.

It’s not just by Air that Connaught Global support Iceland

As mentioned when talking about fuel and lubricants there is a vibrant short sea service to Iceland. Connaught Global offer FCL and LCL cargo services to Iceland.

Frakt IS receive both our air and sea cargo. This allows us to maintain continuity in the suppply chain. As well as prepaid and collect services we offer DAP & DDP services across Iceland from the UK. This makes pricing and selling your cargo to Iceland a seamless process. Door to door rates are available from our commercial teams in both the UK and Iceland.

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