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Customer Relationship

Our approach to inventory management & online services is simple: we do all the hard work so you get on with your business.


From secure storage to stock management, and from manpower to fast and efficient ‘pick and pack’ technology, we give you confidence that when a consignment goes out; it’s been properly fulfilled with no nasty surprises at the other end.


And because we can create an online ordering system that enables your customers or staff to order their own promotional literature or materials, we save you time and improve your efficiency.


You benefit from first-class management reporting and an up-to-the-minute view of what’s happening to your products.

It’s fast, accurate, cost-effective and secure, and can deal with high order volumes all year round.

Our Capabilities

Your event, conference or meeting is a big investment in both time and money, so, naturally, you want everything to be perfect. With Connaught, you can be sure we deliver everything on time and in pristine condition.

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